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A friend of mine has just completed his LS1 swap ito his 95 Camaro. The LS1 swap was fairly easy aside from the wiring complications we experienced during the switch and the engine mounts. Now that we have the LS6 heads on the LS1 block and the SLP intakes he wants to make it a full blown SS by getting rid of the 4L60E and installing a T56. From my experience with the import world these kind of swaps are increasingly hard on some cars, but I want to know how difficult this swap would be on a 95 Camaro.

I'm aware that I will need these items(Maybe more?):
Tq. Tube
Shifter Rod
Shifter Box
Clutch and Flywheel assembly
Clutch Master
Clutch Pedal
Break Pedal(Don't know why I need this but I've been told you do?)
Wiring Harness

I've also been told by a few F-body guys that the PCM needs to be flashed with a manual setup or else the car won't run right.

Assuming I can get the T56 for a decent price and the associated parts. Man power is'nt and option and we've got enough brains and tools to perform the swap. Thing is I wan't to know is this conversion a realistic one. I really need some experienced advise on this subject and would really appreciate it. I just want to know what I'm getting my hands into before we start the process. Afterall it its my garage that we will be using and I don't know about anyone else but I'm not looking to have a Camaro stuck in my garage for weeks on end.

posted by  DSMer

although you hear a lot more engine swaps than tranny swaps like the one you are attempting, I'd say it is possible, but you may get frustrated and take breaks, thusly it could be in your garage for a few weeks if it comes down to it. But hey, if you have patience, and the friend is a good one, I say go for it, and keep us posted.

posted by  Flame Roller

I'm sure its possible... I think :doh: . I just need some reasurance from somone whos done such a project or something similar to it...

posted by  DSMer


they specialize in B-bodies but I believe that they can do F-bodies also

posted by  dcm1996impalaSS

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