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Hello everyone. I was doing the tune up on my sisters ford taurus and when I got to the last three spark plugs I was not able to reach them. Can anyone please instruct me on how to reach those last three spark plugs in the back? I took out the air intake manifold already (or part of it) but I still can not reach back to get the last three spark plugs.

posted by  elmuscle

use a universal adapter

posted by  carlos

I had an 88 taurus. I had to raise the car up on stands and reach up from beneath the vehicle.

posted by  tr918

It all depends on what engine you have. I have the 3.8L 90 taurus, and I was able to change the rear spark plugs blind, no problem. just gotta spend some time feeling around. Didn't try going underneath though. The only thing I had to remove was that rubber intake piping leading from the filter.

posted by  Godlaus

im just puting this out to help any one with the same prob i have been working on a 93 ford taurus and it was a no start. it had fuel presser but no spark. i took off the cap an rotor an it was burnt up. then i found out that i was not geting spark from the coil wire when cranking the motor over. but i had a steady spark on the key on some times. i found the coil brain box under the wiper grate and it plugs in on the fire wall. but any way i taped on it as a friend was cranking over the motor an it fired right up . so clearly the coil brain box was bad . i changed it an know shes back on the road . i hope
this helps some one

posted by  dominic

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