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Hey, does anyone know where I can get parts for a 96 Dodge Caravan. I am looking for stock replacement and aftermarket parts including computer programmers, etc... The car has a mitsubishi 3.0L v6 and 3 or 4 sp automatic (I don't know really some had 3's and other's 4 according to chiltons). As far as I have looked, I have found no parts except for universals.

posted by  Alexpaths

if it has Overdrive it's a 4 speed, if not, it's a 3 speed.

What do you mean "computer programmers", for what? To over-ride the O2 sensor?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Computer Chips and Modules like the HyperPac (which unfortunately doesn't fit my car) which control the O2 sensor, fan turn on/off, compression/anti-knock, timing, and maybe even transmission shiftpoints

posted by  Alexpaths

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