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i have a 95 mustang, and it has the mach 460 sound system...i dont know if anyone is familiar with that, but it comes with 2 stock amps in the trunk. would i be able to put in another head unit easily?..or would it be different because of the mach 460 system.

posted by  bball4life1088

It's most likely different, the stock deck with have a pair of remote wires coming from it to turn on the amps, you can do some wiring to get that fixed though, maybe your deck makes enough power to turn them both on even.

I'm NOT positive though, I've never taken one apart before. You should just remove your deck and take a look at the wiring, should only be # speakers X 2 + 2 (1 power, one accessory) for the deck (and then the big one for the antennae), then any extra wires are probably for the amps.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I'm no wiring/electrical expert either but I have a 95 w/ the mach 460 but all I had to do was get a wiring harness (make sure it's for premium sound, check the box...and do NOT get a scosche) and splice it up with my new head unit and everything works fine.

*edit* It's also very easy to install a new head unit. Almost every single one is a perfect fit right out of the box where the stock one was.

posted by  renobkciht

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