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Hello, I'm a newbie on the site.....

I have a 1990 lumina 2 door
Is there a way of unlocking the door if my door handle on the outside and my locks aren't working (not power locks). Is there a way of taking the inside panel off and manually opening that lock.
My son was playing with the door locks and jammed the drivers side.

posted by  luminaowner

Yes there is, there will be screws around the outside of the door panel, the screws behind the door handle, and if I'm not mis-taken, where your seat-belt goes into your door panel, there's a cap that sits on there and if you pop it off there will be two more screws under-neath it. Some times there's hidden screws too so be careful not to break it, under the window controls, under the arm-rest usually.. etc.

Then just pull, plastic clips hold it in and unless you have the tool used to pry them off, you're going to break a few of them, so you're gonna have to go to your local automotive store (wal-mart may even have them.. don't know) and buy a few of the clips, you'll see what I mean when you get it off, it's okay to break them, they're not exactly made to be pulled out, and they're cheap to replace.

Anyway, you can probably get by without even taking the door panel off, just take off the cover behind the handle and pull the metal bar to unlock the door, unless there's something else going on in there, then the panel will have to come off.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Thanks for the response.

posted by  luminaowner

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