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I have a 95 Pontiac Sunfire and I would like to put an engine and transmission in it that will give me about 200hp. Im not sure what engines out there will fit in my car so if anybody knows of engines and 5spd transmission that will fit in my car please let me know of them and a link for the company i can purchase it from. Thanks.

posted by  Burritosf

What kind of motor? (It won't be worth it just to tell you that beforehand..)

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I dont know what kind of motors are available for use in it. If you mean what kind by company name it really doesnt matter to me who the manufacturer is. I know that it is a 4 cylinder engine in the car right now but I have heard that a 6 cylinder engine will fit with a few mods.

posted by  Burritosf

I've never heard of anybody dropping a V6 motor in a sunfire. It'd be more than a few mods, you'd need the motor for one, new trans, new engine mounts, new computer, new wiring harness...... a lot of work.

I was asking what kind-of motor is in your car.

They had 2 different motors I believe, they had the 2.2 and the 2.4, to find anything for your car I need to know which motor it had.

You're better off just dropping a turbo in it.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

The engine already in the car is a 2.2L that came from a totaled Bereta it has about 90k miles on it so im looking to just change out the whole thing with a new one and put a turbo on the new one. The thing is, is that I dont want to put another Sunfire engine in it. I want to drop something better.

posted by  Burritosf

Well to my knowledge no-one makes anything for the 2.2 motor. Well, to be completely honest, im not trying to insult you so don't take it like that. Sunfires are disposable cars, they're the same thing as Cavaliers, not made to last. The cars have more problems than their worth. They weren't made to be performance cars either, so by the time you turn that thing into a performance car, after doing all the motor work, trans work, suspension and brake work, you'd have at LEAST 12000 into that car, and, quite honestly, that's not worth it, you could buy a new one for that.

If you want a performance car, sell that car and buy one that was made to perform, like a mustang for instence, 87-93 mustangs have the most after-market parts for them of any vehicle, the 302 motor was an excellent motor, they're just good cars. For 10 grand including the car, you could have that 302 motor putting out 500hp easy.


posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I argeed you but remember it is his car and he decides what he want to do with it. If it was me and in fact, I owns 2000 Sunfire 2.2. L Get Supercharged 3800 V6 motor, it will def fit for Sunfire and Cavlier since both has a same body chassis and frame. That way once you swapped the motor to ur Sunfire or Cavlier, go on Street Racing or Legal Street Drag Racing, of course people will think both cars is slow so make them think that way. But for you, very very fast and it will be max 300 hps for this car to swapped SC 3800 V6. Think about it and hopefully it help for this dude's 95 Sunfire to swap it. It worth ur time but money not necessary to modification.. all u need is install the different motor in ur baby's thats all AND Wires, too.

posted by  SkyGTR34

here is my take folks. this guy has a sunfire which he likes and wants to make into a faster better car. then good for him. the v6 that was mentioned is a good route. and it really depends on what funds he has and the time and effort he is willing to put into it. see i have a 2002 cavy with the 2.2L 4 banger. its all stock except for the cold air intake i made for it. but im not wanting it to be a performance car. i really done it for the gas milage. and if it were going to be i would just reroute everything and put a small block with a four speed and a 9 in rearend. but im not willing to put that kind of work into it. its just a get around car for me. so dude if you want to make it performance then do what you want. you can make your ride into whatever you want it to be. it just take time and money to do it. hell you could prolly fit a big block in that car if that is all you have under the hood. well that and some choice wires. but then you have to get a trany and a bunch of other things. so go for what you want. :2cents:

posted by  frizzal

...and he also originally posted this about 7 months ago, so he's probably come up w/ a solution by now... :sleep:

posted by  dodger65

Who manufactures the sunfire engine?

posted by  spotracing1

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