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I have a 1997 ford escort sedan and my stereo was recently ripped out. After that my battery light came on. I disconnected the stereo amp and pulled the power wire. The fuse where the amp/sub connect to the battery was blown. The power wire for the amp was black and burnt through. Now the battery light is still on and the car will die if I turn on the head lights. I had the alternator tested and it was fine the battery is okay too because it will hold a charge (tested with the car off) How do I find a short is the real question. So far I cannot see any wires or fuses that are damaged in the cd/stereo area and I don't know what else to do. Please HELP

posted by  phatbovine

Check your Ground wire

posted by  83camaro

often times the headlight switches have wires running to the radio for instrumental display and such. i would work on getting a radio back in there, start with what you know is wrong (your radio is all f'ed up) and once that is fixed work from there. (because most of the time your problems will come to a halt).

posted by  carls47807

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