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My camaros headlighs dim every time i idle, Ie: when im at a stop light, when i first turn them on, ect.. BUt once i start movinge, and get the RPM's up, th elights brighten up... Im not much of an wireing and Electrical expert.. so plese help!

(83 camaro, v6 3.1L)

posted by  83camaro

That's completely normal, especially when you have a stereo on the car. The alternator doesn't charge very much at idle, once you get the RPMs up to about 1100-1200 it starts charging pretty good. Nothing to worry about.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Well its annoying as hell but thanks


posted by  83camaro

There are ways to fix it. You don't have to live with your lights doing that. Take the car to an AutoZone or similar place and have the charging system checked. You could have a faulty alternator, voltage regulator, or even a battery that's going. They will be able to diagnose it for you and get you the correct replacement part.

posted by  theman352001

you can still make it so the issue doesn't occur so much. This can be done by getting some parts for your charging system that more 'juice' running through it, I'm not really sure all that much about this sort of thing, but I know you can get larger Watt batteries which allow for more power being used by the car, a lot of people do this if they have an amp and subs for the stereo.

posted by  Flame Roller

actually i don't think the car shouldn't run off the batts while its running, the best thing he can do is get a more efficient alternator. My buddy had to get a new one cuz of his extra three amps.

posted by  choke

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