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I would like to ask a question that I'm really glad no one knows me here...

Last night I got home with my son in the car(99 Dodge Intrepid) and I was reading a pharmacy label. My son got impatient and pulled the key from the ignition. To my surprise it came out. I then put the car in park and thinking back I really don't remember turning the car off but I also don't remember it running either as I got out. I was distracted trying to read the pharmacy label. This morning when I go to leave for work, the car won't start. No sounds like it's trying to turn over, no headlights, dome light is working lightly, a few dashboard icons, powerlocks won't work. After trying to start the car the first try, it then starts clicking sound after the key is removed (a sound like the blinkers are on not like the ignition makes when trying to start-blinkers aren't on though). Any ideas? Have I possibly hosed something with the ignition system when the key got pulled out? Or likely a dead battery? :banghead:

posted by  lmh1

It might be your battery of course i'm not a real genious when it comes to cars. :laughing:

posted by  DSMDriver

i would lean toward dead battery, you probably left the car on(not running but on) in some other key position other than OFF. are you saying that the key will pull out in any position? well either fix the ignition tumbler set or your gunna have to make sure the key is in the right position every time you turn it off

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Sometimes getting a new key will fix that problem too, but since it's only a 99.. that shouldn't be the problem. If your key is worn replace it, if not, get a new ignition.

As has been said, sounds like your battery is dead. If you have a charger, charge it, if not, try to boost it and see what happens. That will be what it is anyway.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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