Have a couple quest. about my 71 Chevelle

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Hello, I have a couple questions about my chevelle....not long after owning,
my drivers door latch has decided to quit working..the door will not unlock from the outside OR the inside. I tried spraying lube in the lock cylinder and it had no affect... its like its in some sort of bind....any ideas.
My second question is....my engine wiring harness is a cobbled/spliced mess after all these years... who makes a replacement harness ..im looking for the bulkhead at the firewall forward.. Thanks for all your input -Mike

posted by  milkman

For the latch you'll prob need to pull the door panel to see whats bond up.

As for the wiring just do a search on google or yahoo, for a good deal you might also try ebay.

posted by  corbett_auto

1.Original Parts Group (http://www.originalpartsgroup.com/)

2.Year One (http://www.yearone.com/)

That should fix you up.

Chris :thumbs:

posted by  fc7gtx

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