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I have a question. I just bought a 69 oldsmobile tor that is in mint condition with no rust and the interior is also mint. Car runs great and is fast. So I did some checking around and discovered that the 455 in the car is the ho w34. Does that change the value of the car greatly or does it stay the same? I do know the 69 tor came with 3 options for the engine. A 2 barrel 455, 4 barrel 455 and then the ho w-34 455. Is this the same engine that was put into the 69 cutlass 442?

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No, the W-34 455 Toronado wasn't the same engine as a '69 442; It was much better. The '69 442 (like all GM intermediates from '64 - '69) was displacement limited to 400ci. In addition to being smaller, the standard 350hp 400ci 442 engine in '69 didn't have the larger valves, more aggressive cam, special manifolds and fresh air intake that the "W" machines did. The W-34 455 was essentially the same engine that was in the '70 455 W-30. The W-34 option greatly increases the value of your Toronado. Check out for more info.

Dave (former 1970 442 W-30 455 owner and member of the Oldsmobile Club of America)

posted by  DPelletier

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