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My boss at work has a sweet 63 corvette that he is thinking about putting a turbo on it, its got a 350 chevy engine, the only problem is how to do it.
I'm a import guy working my way into hte clasic car seen. I can put one on any import car but never have I seen a kit or plans to turbo a 350.
Can anyone help please?

P.S. He doesnt want to pay the high price for a supercharger. :thumbs:

posted by  eriks88

He's probably going to have to contact someone like lingenfelter, or even a custom car builder. Boyd Coddinton just built a 63 twin turbo vette. There are no kits available (at least ones I can find). Tell him for the amount of $$$$$$ he's going to spend on a turbo, he could probably build a pretty sick motor that will get him good smile per mile fun !!!!! :thumbs:

posted by  ode94

Gale Banks has a few twin turbo kits for small block Chevys:


There are a few other companies making kits (and have been since the late '60s), but for the most part, yes, you'llhave to custom make it. Luckily there are books on the subject dealing with small block Chevys and properly sizing the components. Check with Amazon.

posted by  ChrisV

Where would i go to find a kit or at liest plans for one, the only problem that I can see is there is such little room under the hood, he has a raised hood on it from a later model but still tight.

posted by  eriks88

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