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I recently aquired a 1970 FOrd Maverick for my 16th B-day, Its been passed down through my family for the last 30 years or so and has taken quit a beating. It has a 250 inline 6. This car isnt much for right now but has great potential what should i do to it Ive heard theese 250s are a good engine and if its so great itd be nice to keep that part of it stocl for car shows and what not but if its not so great thanim going to put an engine into it any info on this is much appreciated

posted by  Wiggie

Mavericks were the Cavaliers of back in their day. They aren't anything special. The motors are alright, but I wouldn't go as far as to say "good". You can fix it up, but you're never going to get your money back on that car, it's not exactly a show car, those things are everywhere. Good starter car though.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I owned a 1971 Comet for 5 years and spent a lot of time restoring it. Same body style as the Maverick. It had a 302 under the hood though, it definitely got your adrenelin pumping. What a ride that was, especially with the shift kit in it. Rubber in every gear. I got the car up to 115mph once, but the road ran out fast, still had some pedal left though. Bought it for $350 and sold it in '96. My, how time flies!?!

I have a '46 plymouth now, just ran out of time to work on it. I should dedicate some time soon.

posted by  46plym

I used to run autocross on a go-cart track in the mid-70's with a '67 Camaro SS 350. One guy there worked in the parts dept of a Ford dealership and had a Maverick 302. They were mighty dumpy but the size and weight with that V-8 were just right. He took me every week until I finally got some 14x7 rims and wider bias plies. Too bad it was stolen a week later! But at least I finally beat him once. I never figured out why most people who bought them chose Mavericks, but the V-8 made it a bit of a sleeper, didn't it?

posted by  DougB

The Maverick was the step between the Pinto and the Mustang, using much of the same chassis as the Mustang in a cheaper package. The early ones are actually lighter and smaller than Mustangs, but all of the hi-po parts from Mustangs can bolt on, making them excellent project cars. I've always wanted to build one for myself...



posted by  ChrisV

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