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I have recently caught sight of a beautful convertible featured in a music video and despite trawling the web for a week looking for it, its eluded me. I have included images to help folks along. Can anyone tell me what this make of car is?!!!! (apologies for the quality - shody video stream & heavy compression!)





Thank you for any assistance!



posted by  quaver

It's a 1970 or 1971 Torino. My best guess is a '71 Torino Cobra convertible.


posted by  DPelletier

Not a Cobra, it's a GT. The Cobra had a shaker hood scoop and dual taillights, vs teh GT's flat molded in scoop (shown) laser stripe on teh side (shown) and one piece honeycomb taillight (shown). the GT could have hideaway headlights or exposed, and a number had the shaker scoop. But the Cobras ONLY had the shaker, ONLY had exposed headlights, and ONLY had dual taillights.

My first musclecar (and third car ever) was a 429 powered '71 Torino GT Sportsroof. Loved that car.

Here's some more of the GT vs Cobra:






http://www.motorcitycruisers.com/Stock%20Photos/Ford%20misc/1970_ford_torin o_cobra.jpg



posted by  ChrisV

Thanks for the clarification on the GT vs. Cobra thing (Hey, at least I got the right car, if not the right package! :mrgreen: )

Two questions;

- I know the '70 and '71 cars looked virtually the same, can you tell the difference, visually?


- Is that GT in the pics, yours? Very nice. I won't bother with the "bet you wish you still had it" comment. :laughing:


posted by  DPelletier

it's very hard to tell the difference between '70 and '71 models. COlors and stripe packages are teh basics, as well as engine options. But it would take someone vastly more knowledgeable about the individual options to look ata car and determine actual year, and then only if it had year-specific options.

And no, none of those are pictures of my car. I have a couple crappy old black and white shots of it I need to scan, and somewhere is a shot of it in primer from back in high school with me and a girlfriend.

I wonder where that car ended up...

posted by  ChrisV

I know I often wonder what became of several of mine. I actually tried to track down my '70 W-30 a while back, but no luck. :ohcrap:

Those Torino's were nice cars, expecially when equipped with the 429 and I think that they've been traditionally undervalued when compared to equivalent GM or Mopar models.


posted by  DPelletier

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