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I'm looking for leads on an early model Morris Minor. We are doing a custom job and need the rear section of roof with a small rear window as found on early Morris Minor’s. We could always cut down the original window but the owner would rather we find a small one. Any help is appreciated. :confused:

You may respond to this thread or e-mail (info@corbettsauto.com) me which ever you like.


If you would like to keep up with this project follow this link (http://www.corbettsauto.com/morris_minor_custom.htm)

posted by  corbett_auto


Thats a bit harsh to be hacking up such a ripper of a classic car

t;will be good to see what happens when all is done :wink2:

posted by  CAMEL

I agree but, the customer is boss. The bright side is I can concentrate on modification instead of replacing lots of rusty panels. :thumbs:

posted by  corbett_auto

When I was in New Zealand there was a guy living in the town of Manapouri that had a small army of minors (about 50) He had a guy that got him parts from out of the country, I would ask some of the resident kiwi's here on CF if they knew of the guy, he was a big collecter I hear

posted by  Voda48

The Morris Minors were/are some cool little cars and cutting them up is kind of a shame but you gotta do what you gotta do lol. Sounds like a cool project though.

posted by  car_crazy89

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