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I am hung up on 2 different cars right now, car 1 is a 1964 corvair convertible and car 2 is a 1973 cutlass. Both are in running condition but need work, the corvair is $1200 and the cutlass is $700. it will be my first project car, i already have a daily driver so that is not a factor, im pretty sure the corvair is a 6 cylinder rear engine car i believe??I do not know much about those cars at all, the cutlass has a 350 in it. i guess my main question is, how hard are corvair parts to come by and are they worth while restoring?

posted by  jarvisx2000

its gotta be the cutlass i dont know much about these cars but the cutlass is a georgous car! just look at it! :smoke:

posted by  Richymartin

Well the Oldsmobile is definately easier to find parts for and a little easier for beginners to work on but i personally think the Corvair is a better looking car. It also depends on if your wanting to buy the parts new or used cause if your buying new then it shouldn't be that hard to find parts for Corvair but there will still be less then for the Oldsmobile and would probably cost a little more also. If i may ask, what car do you like better and would like to see yourself driving?

posted by  car_crazy89

There is just something about the front end of that year cutlass that just makes me think twice about buying it, just don't know if I like that design, another car i could buy is a 1975 cordoba with a 360 big block, its the same as the other two cars, it runs but needs work, I have never really worked on a dodge though, I have been a chevrolet driver my whole life, i think I will probably go look at the cordoba and the cutlass and see which one suits me better, do you know anything about cordoba's? I think both of these cars performance wise would be more than what i need, I dont care if the car will go 150mph , I just want something in a couple of years that when i drive down the street people look.

posted by  jarvisx2000

If you're not looking for speed, I would get the cutlass. I know when I see a restored cutlass driving down the street, it turns my head.

posted by  MoparMan

Cutlass man. Granted the Corvair is a better looking car, but its also a god damned death trap. I had a friend who had a Corvair and while he was on the highway the engine just cut out and the brakes stopped working. Thank god it was a manual transmission car. Plus, you never hear anything but bad things about those cars. They are pretty quick though. :hi:

posted by  FordFromHell351

Haha ya, so you can point and laugh, j/k. But seriously, the Cutlass is a great car but i myself still think the Corvair is cooler and looks better. And plus, i dont think you see as many of them driving around as you would the Cutlass.

posted by  car_crazy89

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