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Hi all-

I just started rebuilding my 67 cougar and am having trouble finding some floorpans to replace my extra ac vent in the floor. I found some mustang floorpans at paddockparts.com and was wondering if they would match up (seeing as most mustang/cougar parts are interchangable). Do any of you know if they will, or where I could find some to match?


posted by  mwetown

AC vent in the floor?

To my knowledge 67 Mustang and 67 Cougar floor pans are identical. You may want to ask the supplier when you order them to be sure.

posted by  corbett_auto

ac vent in the floor meaning a big rusted hole that i could put my foot through. Thanks for the input, i'll check with paddock and see if they could tell me.

posted by  mwetown

Is this for the front or rear floor?

Yes, the Cougar is the same as the Mustang, with a longer wheelbase. This is made up in the pans, so there will be some slight differences, but mostly in the rear pans.

posted by  ChrisV

The front pans are the ones with the most rust. Ive started grinding on the rear ones and they appear to only have surface rust on them.

posted by  mwetown

put thick plexi glass floor in you cougar ive seen a car like that

posted by  google.com

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