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Hey guys
I am looking into a kit kar to build with my brother and my father. My father and I are pretty firmiliar with cars, deeper than the basics but no pros. We are looking into a decent kit car, moderate price and what not. I was wondering if you guys have any experience with them and what kit yo would suggest. Also, do you think a 16 year old kid like me and my father would be able to pull this off?
Thanks for the Help

posted by  Masuk

There are lots of kits out there. All depends on your tastes. As far as being able to pull it off.......well------if you have 3 things you can

1) small amount of mechanical ability and a lot of spare time
2) A good place to work with enough room and basic hand tools
3) enough money to bring you from begining to end

All of these are relative to the size of the project you take on.....

You are off to a good start research----- you can never ask enough questions. And remember no matter what have FUN :thumbs:

posted by  corbett_auto

look into some of those shelby cobra kits. there not way expensive and you can build them on 80s mustangs frames with there drivetrain. and everybody knows that fox body mustangs are a dime a dozen

posted by  72firebird

aren't they also unibody? how do you get the frame off?? :screwy:

posted by  dodger65

I assume he means the drivetrain,....but I thought that tooo LOL

posted by  corbett_auto

a guy is building one and always comes into my work. i've sold him 20k worth of parts already so watch out!

posted by  carls47807

sorry it was drivetrain as in engine, tranny and rear end. and they also usualy use the front clip off those mustangs

posted by  72firebird

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