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Well, it looks like I'll be getting the family heirloom to do a restoration on. We are the original owners of this truck, my great-grandpa bought it, it was the first truck back in my city after WWII.

Now, I still have some debts(but those look to have been taken care of...long story), and will have about 10,000$ to start(besides working full time) a restoration project on this truck.

This is going to be a body-off, frame-up restore. It was at one time our grain truck, so there is a hole in the box for the grain spout. There are also many dings on the side of the body(nothing major). Overall, the body is in amazing shape, very little rust, original paint.

Engine runs, but it's just a small thing. Flat-head six, 201 cubic inches, 70 horsepower. Brakes, don't work at this current time, need a power bleeder, which we don't have(but can borrow). Gas tank is rusted out, we have a little gallon tank in the bed of the truck that we use(just to move it out of the way, or just to run it every now and then).

And! It still has the original rubber.

Now the real question is, factory spec restore, or hot rod it?

Factory spec would probably end up costing more, having to buy or rebuild the parts, matching the paint, the bodywork, all of that.

For hot rod my idea is pretty simple, and probably cheaper. Ride height would remain nearly the same, maybe bring the nose down an inch or two, give it an agressive stance, swap out the flat-head six for a big block v8(more then enough room), take out the three speed for a five speed. Update the electrical system from 6volt to 12 volt. Leave exhaust straightpiped(thank god for classics!), leave paint one color, no fancy paint designs(flames, graphics, tribals).

Questions, Comments, Ideas?

(And before someone goes nuts on me, I'll state it now, I am not an expert, and I will be getting a shop to do the frame/body/paint work. Anything that I know I can do(Engine work, Drivetrain), will be done at home.)

posted by  dodgerforlife

thats a cool story and an interesting life the truck has had so far. I think it'd be cool original specs but would be even cooler as a hot rod/rat rod style truck. Sound like you kinda got it planned for either choice, but if the hot rod choice would save you money (and you like it more) then i'd say go for it. I like the old trucks like that so really you cant go wrong either way you go. Good luck and hope you get what you want from it. :thumbs:

posted by  car_crazy89

I'd say make a hot rod out of it, but keep it looking as close to stock as possible. Nice story, and good luck on your truck dude!

posted by  hondaman

well, rims are in order, but nothing too fancy. paint, like i said, just plain, probably a deep green like it currently is. Engine, of course, will be tucked within the bay. Hopefully nothing will show. Can't wait for some little cavalier to roll up next to me...

posted by  dodgerforlife

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