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I need some help, I'm 18 and looking to buy my first muscle car :mrgreen: but my budget shows my age lol :oops: I need a car for $8,000 or under. And it MUST be able to be a reliable daily driver, and I'm not a big fan of long cars, I hate the long nose on my '88 Thunderbird, so the shorter more compact the better.

Did I just describe a 1971 Dodge Dart Demon 340?

Any suggestions are appreciated .

posted by  Stephen

Get an old Mustang or a Malibu, they are pretty much everywhere at least here in Florida :2cents:

posted by  99integra

get 2 cars. a reliable, efficient daily driver for 3000, and a solid resto musclecar for 5000.

posted by  dodger65

Thanks for the suggestions. Any more?

posted by  Stephen

I like dodger65's suggestion. Until you work out the bugs, the muscle car may leave you stranded. And if you are planning on doing some repairs, you will need a parts runner.

Also to save a few bucks look at the lower priced variations of the popular cars. Instead of a Camaro get a Firebird, a Lemans instead of a GTO. You get the picture. Also 4 doors are gaining in popularity and can save you big bucks.

Hope this helps and once you find the car of your dreams be sure to ask what some of the comon problems to look for. There are many experts in here for different makes and models. Although there seems to be an abundance of Mopar fans. :screwy: I like them all.

posted by  corbett_auto

Thanks! I think I found my dream car :) '68 Firebird now all I have to do is find one close by with a good price. And if it gives me troubles I always have my T-Bird as a back up :)

Thanks again!

posted by  Stephen

Thats a nice car, it might cost you a bit more than $8000, the best deal on the net I can find is $11000, and even that needs some work.

Year: 1968
Model Detail:
Price: $11,000
Mileage: ------- km
Date: 6/9/2005
Ad Type: Private
Comment: 350, 3 speed, also includes original 4.1 litre overhead cam, 6 cyl., completely rebuilt. Needs paint, lots of new parts, lots of potential. $11,000

posted by  jarvisx2000

I'm willing to work a little harder and earn some more cash for such a cool car. Thanks for posting that ad it gives me an idea of what I can expect to pay.

posted by  Stephen

What engine do you have in the 'Bird? You can really make that thing sail and give it a nasty rake cheap and easy.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

is that an ad from autotrader.ca? It looks like it anyways. It may be like $11,000 here but if he lives in the US he could maybe get it for $8000 US lol. There seems to be a lot better deals in the US, just gotta look for them.

posted by  car_crazy89

I agree, I missed a good deal on a 67 Firebird a few months back. Two cars (one for parts), the one had a pretty good body (needed body work and paint), Interior would have been livable for a while, Engine had a spun bearing so needed a rebuild, other wise it was complete and in fair condition. Anyways, I could have picked them up for under $2500 :banghead: :banghead: .

There are lots of deals out there, you just need to not get in a hurry and drive the back roads (lots of deals are never advertised!) :thumbs:

posted by  corbett_auto

Yah I wasn't thinking of the conversion rate, anyway you will have a nice car if you save for that. Plus the Firebird In my opinion has a great history as a car.

posted by  jarvisx2000

Just the stock 3.8 V6. Everything on the car is originial. It has under 70K miles! I'm the second owner.

BTW, I am in the US. I'm going to look long and hard for the right Firebird...after all, I'm in no rush, I do have the T-Bird :)

posted by  Stephen

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