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Im looking for a car alarm for my 72 chevy monte carlo. I am trying to find one that has an fm transmitter so that i get great range on operation of the alarm but i dont need the remote start or remote unlock crap. just arm and disarm. i found one... that has 6 tone siren, 2 button arm, disarm remotes, parking lights flash, starter disable relay, and flashing led indicator. problem is i dont expect the range to be so great. if anyone has a clue where i could find a alarm very similar to that with an fm transmitter that would be great.

posted by  72montecarlo

If you don't mind me asking, why do you need the extra range?
You could always just buy a non-remote controlled alarm and buy a separate FM tx/rx. :2cents:

posted by  windsonian

Well i actually found a nice alarm. Performance Teknique ICBM-7070 ( and only thing holding me back is it doenst say its a 6 tone siren. i dont however if that means i should assume its a basic 2 tone siren...I saw another alarm system here ( 12&rd=1) with a very similar looking siren and is described in that package as being 6 tone. If this is not the case however i will go with the PYLE PWD250 Paging 2 way car alarm ( 15&rd=1) .

posted by  72montecarlo

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