anybody have a 68 camaro???

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hey im restoring my 68 camaro n just lookin 4 anybody else who has worked on one, if u have any advice with the wiring, cuz this is my first restoration , so any advice with the wiring or how to get my power windows to go up n down like new, and also while taking out the ventilation tubes crumbled apart in my hands where would i find new ones???? :hi:

posted by  68Camaro_Dude

honestly, yor best bet might be to go to Year One's website and order up a catalog. you could probably build a whole new camaro (if you had to) w/ all the parts available!

posted by  dodger65

We are working on a 69 it just came in. He's right there are very few things not made for a 1st gen Camaro.

Here's a Link ( to a great forum that specializes in 1st gens, they can answer any question you got plus a few you haven't thought of.

Your window problem is most likely due to misalignment in the tracks.

Good luck, and remember to ask lots of questions and don't forget above all else have fun.

posted by  corbett_auto

Ive helped rebuild a engine in one. Afterwards I got to drive it :hi: Fun. You should be able to find most of the things your looking for at

posted by  FordFromHell351

thx a lot guys ill b lookin into all of ur suggestions

posted by  68Camaro_Dude

Another On-line Chevy parts catalog:

Classic Industries (

posted by  fc7gtx

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