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i need some help with my gauges. on my firebird the gauges are all weird its like the gauges themselves are set back like an inch into the dash. and then on the dash itself it has the plastic cover and the black trim ring. i need to replace my speedo cause its reading 20 mph below right now. and i messured the diameter of the trim peice and its like 4 1/4 in. but you dont see any 4 1/4 gauges there all either 5 in or 3 3/8s in. i know the gauge will be smaller than 4 1/4 cause its set inside can anyone help me with this. if they actually know the real size of the gauge itself or what size will fit in it easy itd be much appreciated. and heres a lil bit about the car. i picked it up for 1300 runnin but a shot rod bearing, a dent on the corner of the passenger side 1/4 panel. and a few scratches and minor dents around the body. but it had no rust on it. and it was almost all original except for the lower valance in the fron. the peice with the marker lights underneath the nose. i drove that pontiac 350 till i shattered two piston rods. (i didnt care cause i was already putting together the chevy 350/350 combo i was dropping in it) and the next thing im putting in it is a ford 9 in rear end i took out of my brothers totaled 68 mustang. and eventualy ill be making it into a trans am with a few changes. either a l88 hood instead of the shaker. but either of them i put on will be getting a 67-69 firebird style hood mounted tach before it goes on. and i might put a 69 camaro spoiler on the trunk if it will fit, if not im stickin with the trans am duck tail

posted by  72firebird

just so's ya know, if the 68 mustang was stock, it should have had an 8" rear in it. looks a lot like the 9 inch (removable pig and all), just a little smaller...

posted by  dodger65

thanks i didnt know that. but im not quiet sure if its an 8 or a 9. cause it was ground up restored before my brother bought it and they did alot of work to it everywhere. ie the motor was bored out 6 over and stroked. ill have to find out on that

posted by  72firebird

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