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I have a 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible with a 350 H.O. (Not a chevrolet Engine). When i start it and its cold it kinda takes a while. I have to give it a little gas and try two or three times. Well i want it to cranki right over and fire right up. Any suggestions? What do you think it is?Timing? Carb needs to be tuned? It has a Rochester Quadrajet (I think the car running a little rich) and i have no experience witht them. If you think it is the carb could anyone give me some pointers on thuning these freaking complicated ass carbs?

posted by  Enthusiast

simple, ditch it, get an edlebrock. theyre great for cruising. i got a 350 (chev.) in my 72 and it starts up everytime first try. plus i also got hei. but just pump it twice and turn the key. unless you wanna keep it original. in that case youll probably just have to deal with it. also try getting some new spark plugs and wires. and a better ignition system. the pontiac 350 that was in my car had points and a 2bbl rochester and it took a few times to get it started. i havent had any problems with the chevy though.

posted by  72firebird

Yah im goin original. Yesterday i got some new plugs wires points and messed with the timing a little and it fired right up for me today. It came on quiker than most new cars ive driven. Thanks for the help

posted by  Enthusiast

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