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alright since enthusiust happened to think that the challenger was the best selling muscle car i have the production numbers. from 1970-1974 the main years for the cuda they sold a total of about 282,000. between the years of 1970-1979 about 490,000 firebirds were sold. and here the king of muscle cars (due to pricing and marketing not performance) the mustang. which sold about 2,184,000 before 1970. thats not including the mustangs they sold in 1970 so its from 1965-1969

posted by  72firebird

don't forget about what happened to production numbers of musclecars between 70 and 75, though... the firebird almost died. if i remember right, your firebird is one the lowest production years if not the lowest... what about comparing 70-74 numbers on those for an apples to apples comparison?

posted by  dodger65

The Mustangs were good performing cars. Not the fastest, but theyre were pretty quick. They didnt just seel that many because they were priced lower than the others, but also because they were quality cars. :mrgreen:

posted by  FordFromHell351

Is it just me or didnt he say 'Challenger'? :ohcrap:

posted by  car_crazy89

Who thinks the Challenger was the best selling muscle car? Most agree the GTO was the first.....but of all the first, most, best comparisons I've never heard the Challenger mentioned.

Also, as dodger65 mentioned you should reaaly do a better job of comparison. Either use the same production years, total production of any given model, ect. I would love to see that data.

posted by  corbett_auto

The GTO wasnt reall a pony car when it first came out. It was just a heavy old sled with a somewhat large engine, no real performance there.

posted by  FordFromHell351

no need to use the same production years. and yes 70-75 the firebird almost died. but only because there were still alot of good cars being made. after 75 the firebird was the best selling. and if you want an apples comparison the challenger died in 75 sorry. not much to compare with. the fact is he said the challenger was the best selling muscle car. but it aint. it doesnt matter what year a muscle car was made its still a muscle car and that was the comparison. and for the firebirds they sold like 200,000 before 75. but that didnt include the 60s birds. and i didnt include the 70s mustangs cause frankly there crap. except 70s mach 1s. i should have included the camaro but its too much math. and i could have even combined camaro/firebird numbers since the only thing different between them was the nose tail panel and engines.

posted by  72firebird

and despite what anyone wants to say or believe. the mustang was the first pony car. then it was the camaro followed shortly by the firebird

posted by  72firebird

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