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I have a 79 camaro and I am looking to put a new exhaust on the car...I am stuck between Borla and Flowmaster, What do you suggest? Thank you for your replys

posted by  The Hitman

flowmaster all the way get the super 40s.

posted by  72firebird


posted by  351ci-mustang

Being a redneck, I would of course recommend...Flowmaster.

posted by  hondaman

ya as far as performance i wouldn't go with a chambered muffler, just get something great flowing and not trying to prove yourself with an obnoxious muffler.

posted by  Next3Exits

I have Flowmaster 30's piped thru 2.5" pipe with an X, and they are NOT loud. Borla are way better tho, but you pay bucks for it.

posted by  68 Coop

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