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Hey all,
I jsut recently purchased a 1973 Ford mustang fastback(sportsroof), it has fords 302 boss in it. Someone told me that motor only put out 141 HP. Is this true??????? I thought the boss 302 put out somewhere from around 345-365 HP. Does anyone know for sure? From the little I know about motors, I do know that 141HP is not very much. Has anyone ever driven one of these cars? Are they quick or sluggish? I would like to know because im gonna have to restore this car and I dont want to restore it to only find out its not a "fast" car.

posted by  simster570

I think someone sold you a bill of goods along with the Mustang. The Boss 302 engine was only built for two ('69,'70) years. At that time the advertised output was 290 SAE gross hp. Because substantially less than 10k of these engines were ever built the chances of one being installed in your car, while not zero, is damn close. The only Mustang to ever put out the type of power you're talking about was the Boss 429.

The '73 Mustang did come with a 302, early emission controls, a Torino platform and first generation safety bumpers. So what you have is a 3800 pound car with a 141 SAE net hp engine. If it's any consolation, if that was a gross rating it would probably be closer to 175 hp.

Finally, they can be fast, just not in their stock configuration. The 302 has an awesome aftermarket and responds very well to mods. It'll be easier and cheaper to make it go than it will be to make it stop and turn.

posted by  vwhobo

I've got a 302 Mecury comet engine, it hauls.All you need is some headers,a new intake(Ive got an edelbrock),a holley 4 barrel and a competition cam.I also have a 4 speed manual mustang transmission, with a posi rear end.It's all in my Ranchero.You can really supe that thing up. :hi:

posted by  Vanman5001

If you've had a transmission swap then can I ask why you didn't go for a five-speed? Is it down to five-speed transmissions being newer and not as straight forward to link to older engines :confused:

posted by  snoopewite

He didn't install a 5-speed because he's not the one who dropped the engine in. He bought it from a guy we know who bought it from someone else that was going to restore it. It ended up not getting restored and him, a couple other people (maybe) and I are going to fix it up. If we get the money and good enough weather. damn Wisconsin. :cussing:

posted by  Satty101

Satty101, thanks for answering my question for Vanman5001 and good luck with the restoration of the Ranchero :wink2:

posted by  snoopewite

No problem. I somehow convinced him to join (By me being on here everyday when he came back into our office from class :thumbs: ) I'll take pics over the summer with the restoration because I'm the one with the digital camera. Up for this summer (or the ideas we have so far): Make the hood scoop functional, new quarter panels. :clap:

posted by  Satty101

so are you two classmates or something?

posted by  SuperJew

same school. We're friends.....I think.

is the sig better or no?

posted by  Satty101

so in other words schoolmates.

the sig is better - thanks!

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1973 Mustang

250 c.i. @ 95 h.p. w/8.0:1 compression with one barrel carburator.

302 c.i. @ 136 h.p. w/8.5:1 compression with two barrel carburator.

351 c.i. @ 168 h.p. w/8.6:1 compression with two barrel carburator.

351 c.i. @ 246 h.p. w/8.0.1 compression with four barrel carburator.

351 c.i. @ 264 h.p. w/8.6:1 compression with four barrel carburator.

Five body types available: 2 dr. hardtop, 2 dr. convertible and a 2 dr. Sportsroof, 2 dr. hardtop Grande and a 2 dr. Sportsroof Mach 1.

And vwhobo if your only talking about the older Mustangs then your right only the Boss 429 puts out that kind of power. But if your talking about all Mustangs up untill today then there are several Mustangs that put out much more then 350hp

posted by  Car Guy

I know this post is coming really late, but I just joined, and I own a 73 Mustang. Like it was stated before, I seriously doubt you have a Boss 302 engine in your 73 Mustang. As for the question as to whether your 73 can be short, yes. I took a friend of mine out in my car once, and I gave him a little taste of what my car could do. He said it was the fastest car he's ridden in. And considering he's ridden in an '02 Mustang GT and another '02 Mustang GT that was rather suped up, I took it as a compliment. You can get that lead sled to go if you get a good enough engine. Plus, you'll get a lot more compliments on that car than you would a new Mustang.

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posted by  FastasSin

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