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Tried the ps fluid then went to ps stop leak. Did not work and sound getting worse. When taking it into a mechanic, what might be some of the causes I could hear from them? Being female one needs to be a bit knowledgeable. Any info would be greatly appreciated. The ole' girl has 251,000 K and still running strong. Not burning one drop of oil. Have been told that no problem with these cars of getting 300,000 K. I love my mustang

posted by  mustang90

Some of the things I'd look at first would be:

loose belt
worn belt
pulley out of alignment

None of the above problems should cost too much, worst case is a bad pump and they aren't too expensive.

Let us know what they tell you and what they will charge, someone here will let you know if it sounds reasonable.

posted by  corbett_auto

Thanks for the quick info. Going to get the engine shampooed then take the car in. Will get back to you with causes and prices.

posted by  mustang90

don't forget the conditioner... :laughing:

posted by  dodger65

Too bad I got your advice to late. Now know why the ole' girl didn't look so glamorous, lacked that sheen and not much bounce
I have a new Reman rack plus had to go for a PS hose. This was the original setup and the hose was totally rotted. Not bad for being 16 yrs. Lots a good yrs left, just a rust cloud following, typical Ford.

posted by  mustang90

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