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My mom passed away recently and I've inherited her 1975 Gremlin. It's got a 258 in it and it's got Kermit the Frog on the fenders. His name is Kermie and he's fairly well known in the northwest.
Unfortunately, Kermie's wiring is and has been in really poor shape for a long time. I'm trying to find a wiring harness for him and I don't know where to look.
My friend says that can order ones with GM alternator hookups for more stable power and fuse boxes with blade fuses in them to work better.
I don't know where to go and where to look.
Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get a hold of one of those?
Feel encouraged to check out Kermie's Website. You'll see why I need to keep him on the road so badly.

I'd love any help I can get.
Thanks a lot,

posted by  BlueMeanie

Hope this helps. Happy reading.....

AMC alt. upgrade links (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&safe=off&rls=DVXB%2CDVXB%3A2004-30% 2CDVXB%3Aen&q=amc+alternator+upgrade)

posted by  theman352001

swapping out the alternator isn't really the big problem though.
All of the wiring is ready to burst. It's been rewired and hot wired so many times no one can make heads or tails of it. It's going to catch on fire one of these days. I'm just really trying to find a way to get the wiring harness. That's the most important part.
I sent an email to Painless.com to see if they can do anything. Does anyone know of any other places to get a hold of one?
I know it's pretty hard to come by, but it's gotta be out there! :banghead:

posted by  BlueMeanie

check ebay

posted by  adamc44

Already looked in ebay. All I found was a wiring harness for a 74 Gremlin with a 304. I've got a 258.... Damnit! Sonofabitch!
Somebody's gotta have one, or be able to make one!

posted by  BlueMeanie

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