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Sorry if this is already a thread, but in your opinons what makes a car a classic? and what cars of today do you think will become classics?

posted by  c90acm

Hmm, probablly something that had a revolutionary design, engine, tranny, etc....

posted by  99integra

I think technically..... If it's 25 years or older it's a classic, if it's 40 years and older it's an antique....
Something like that. :thumbs:

posted by  BlueMeanie

I have one car due to become a cult classic, the 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8. It's a station wagon with 6.1 liter v8 HEMI engine cranking out 425 horsepowe and 420 ib-ft of torque. 60 mph is reached in 5.1 seconds and the quarter mile speeds by in 13.1 sec @ 108.2 mph. (based on tests by Motor Trend magazine).

posted by  Slapshot

i agree with Meanie :thumbs: except to me its not an antique unless its about 55 years old

posted by  ChevyKid502

my biggest test was to see if it would gain in value with time, then it would be a classic.

posted by  c90acm

well yeah most cars from the late 60s increased in value, back when they were new u could get one for about 4000 bucks lol now u cant find a nice one for under 19,000

posted by  ChevyKid502

The 2005 Mustang is destined to me a classic one day....as is the Mazda MX5 (Eunos Roadster). So are a few unlikely candidates. The Renault Velsatis and the Renault Avantime, purely for the fact that they were produced in limited numbers.

I think technically a classic has to be a certain age to gain classic car status, and in the UK an antique is anything of 50+ yrs old :wink2:

posted by  Cliffy

Technically speaking, if it's 25yrs old or older...it's a classic(I believe 40 is considered "Antique"). '78 Fairmont...classic. '79 Volare...classic. Whether they're sought after cars or not, they're classics. The fox body mustang is even coming into classic territory, yet somehow, it's still considered a "late model" among enthusiasts...probably because it was a 26yr old platform.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I always judge a car between a classic and some ordinary family sedan because I try to look ahead and see how well that car will be 25 years from now :wink2:

posted by  99integra

[QUOTE=Sick88Tbird]Technically speaking, if it's 25yrs old or older...it's a classic(I believe 40 is considered "Antique").......QUOTE]

Sounds familiar. :smoke:

posted by  BlueMeanie

There's classic in the technical sense, and there's classic in the philosophical sense. The former merely implies age. The latter implies inspiration and desireability. You can have one without the other.

posted by  ChrisV

What do you guys think about the new GTO and Charger, think they will become classics one day?

posted by  c90acm

Not to try to quibble or anything, but the terms "Classic", "Antique", "Collectible", "Special Interest", etc have become pretty confused over the last few years. I was looking at a 1961 Oldsmobile Sedan, which was, at best, about a $1500 car, and the old lady who was selling it told me that her son said she should be able to get around $5K for it, because it was a "classic". Sorry, a '61 Olds 4 door Sedan is not a classic, it's what is classified as a "special interest" car. "Antique" is 50 years old or older. For the true definition of classics, I would refer you to the AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) to see their "official" list of cars that are considered in the old car world to be the true classics. Duesenberg Super J's, Cord 810/812, Cadillac V-16, etc. Check out a copy of the May, 2005 issue of Hemmings Classic Car, they have an article on the 25 top current cars which should be collectible in the future, you'll probably crack up at what some of them are.

posted by  rooble55

Wouldn't classic mean a car that has timeless appeal (negative or positive) or was/is a design icon. I guess to have that tag the car will have to stand the test of time. The new mustang draws on the classic lines of the earlier cult design, I doubt this one would in turn be considered a classic as it lives in the shadows of an iconic model.

Some cars are easily identifiable as classic....beetle, mini, carrera, ac cobra, etc which spawned design trends.

One of the modern cars that should become a classic is the WRX, not only for it's build and enginerring quality, but because it is ugly enough to be attractive and can walk the walk.

posted by  Wally

the 2005 Mustang will definatly be a classic someday. Also I think that the RX-8 could very well become too.

posted by  jedimario

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