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Hey guys I am having a problem figuring out this vin number as you can see from my name I am a pontiac guy always dealt with GTOs but I just purchased a 72 chevelle big block 454 I am trying to figure out if it is a true chevelle SS or just a malibu clone or even if the motor is matching # or not I doubt it. I dont know much about chevelles but the car was to good to pass up so its time to learn a little. So any information would be appreciated guys I tried to find a website but I spent the last 2 hours getting more confused. Thanks in advance for your help.

Vin number is 1D36F2B632333

I think the 1 =chevy and D= malibu if I am not mistaken just have no idea what the hell the rest means

posted by  gto72

heres the forum you need to ask on.... these guys can pick apart any chevelle

posted by  adamc44

adamc44--beat me to it I was going to also send you there --- very good chevelle site...

here's what I come up with:

1 Division 1 - Chevrolet Motor Division
2-3 Model Series invalid
4-5 Body Style invalid
6 Year 2 - 1972
7 Assembly Plant B - Baltimore, Maryland
8-13 Sequence Build Number 632333 - Sequential Build Number

the 2nd & 3rd number should be:

33 Chevelle/El Camino, Inline 6 Cylinder
34 Chevelle/Greenbrier/El Camino, 8 Cylinder

the 4th & 5th numbers should be (not sure which one belong to the chevelles, so here is all the 2 dr codes):

11 2-Door Sedan
27 2-Door Sport Coupe
37 2-Door Sport Coupe
47 2-Door Sport/Custom Coupe
57 2-Door Sport Coupe
67 2-Door Convertible
87 2-Door Sport Coupe

hope this helps......

posted by  corbett_auto

Thanks guys I have been driving myself nutz looking for this info hopefully I can return the favor one day.

posted by  gto72

Thats what it is all about.... :thumbs:

posted by  corbett_auto

well, just start making your way over to corbett's place w/ a bucket and sponge (and a chamois or two) :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

Hey, thats not a bad idea, and if you bring your tool box I'll put to work turning wrenches.... :wink2:

posted by  corbett_auto

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