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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post.
My grandfather recently passed away, and we've been cleaning out his garage. He used to own and repair classic cars, including a Model T and 36 Ford, and I found several boxes of old parts to these models (and possibly others). I wasn't sure whether these are just junk, or if they are the kind of parts people restoring cars might be looking for.
I've taken photos of what we've found and uploaded them here:

If anyone knows any specifics about these, or if I should just toss them, please let me know! Thanks!


posted by  rushedblue

Some of that stuff is junk, and some of that stuff can sell for a hefty price tag! Those light fixtures could go for quite a bit I'm sure!

Care to mail those boxes to me, and "I'll take it off your hands"? ;-)


posted by  Jon_K

Don't toss them. They will be usefull to the right person. Trying to find that person may prove to be a bit hard though.

I would assume that you have automotive swap meets in your area. You could go to one to unload the stuff. You could also check the web for car clubs that specialize in the cars that your grandfather worked on and post these pictures on their site. Somebody will want them.

posted by  theman352001

Yep, going to enthuist meets or forums online can get you some sales. Just make sure you don't have someone say "oh, those old parts, they're not worth $7 dollars, but I'll take them off your hands for $10"

Obviously if you get responses like that, they must be worth some cash and they're trying to use your lack of knowledge about the part(s) to their advantage. (E.g. a valuable part for nearly nothing!)

posted by  Jon_K

You're absotutely right about the posibility of being taken advantage of. They didn't say if they wanted to get what the parts are worth or if they just want the parts to go to somebody who will use them.

If they're worried about being taken advantage of, they can walk the swap meet first looking for similar parts and see how much they are going for. Or they could check e-bay if they knew what each part was called and what they came off of.

posted by  theman352001

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