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check this classic camaro out. you could own this if the price is right!!!! bid now and bid HIGH!!!! = Z2QQfviZ1

posted by  adamc44

I just bid on it :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Damn! That shit is crazy. I didnt even know any Camaro was worth that much. Im sorry, but, yes it is a BEAUTIFUL car, and yes, I would KILL to have it, but unless Im a multi-million (or billion)aire, theres no way I would spend that much money on one.

posted by  SlipKnoT

i think you can buy a machined Camaro shell for like 5000$ these days. Thats crazy. That makes me more proud that i own a 70s car.

posted by  sandlercd_22

I saw that during one of my regular looks through Ebay. I dont understand why its soo much though (yes, i read the write-up), but holy.

posted by  car_crazy89

Wouldnt it suck if you didnt get out bided?

posted by  TheFieroKid

**** yeah :banghead: :laughing:

posted by  99integra

$850,000!?!?!? :doh: :banghead:
99Integra how much did you bid? What was your username, I didn't see it on there...

posted by  chris_knows

Its because I got outbid in a heartbeat :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Here is a little info to shed light on why it's sooooo costly.

Overshadowing these dealer modified Camaros was the factory Camaro ZL1. Specially designed to compete in the NHRA Super Stock drag classes, Chevrolet made it an option under the COPO system (code 9560). The cars began as SS396/375bhp Camaros with the F41 suspension. The SS trim and engine were deleted, and the 427 engine, cowl-induction hood, front disc brakes, a choice of heavy duty 4 speed transmissions or Turbo Hydra-matic, and a 4:10 posi axle were added. But instead of the regular iron-block and head L72 found in the dealer installed Camaros, the ZL1 sported aluminum heads and the first aluminum block ever made by Chevrolet. It shared the L88 aluminum head/iron block's engine rating of 430 bhp but made closer to 500 bhp -- making it probably the most powerful engine Chevrolet ever offered to the public. And the engine weighed just 500 pounds, the same as Chevy's 327 small block. The car was blessed with a 5 year/50,000 mile warranty and was fully street legal. With factory exhausts and tires, it turned low 13s; with headers and slicks, it could turn 11.6s @ 122mph. This was the fastest car ever produced by Chevrolet. Performance had its price -- $4,160 for the ZL1 engine alone pushing the price of the Camaro ZL1 to an unbelieveable $7,200 (about double the price for a SS396 Camaro). Chevy needed to build 50 to qualify the car for racing, and in the end built 69 Camaros and 2 Corvettes with the ZL-1 engine. Their high price made them difficult to sell and at least 12 engines were removed and about 30 cars were returned back to Chevrolet. It took until the early 1970s to sell them all. One can only wonder what they are worth today.

Production of the 1969 Camaros continued into the beginning of 1970 as the all new 1970 Camaros were not released until mid 1970. To add to the confusion, some late 1969 cars were titled as 1970 models.

Long story short 69 were made 30 were returned to the factory leaving 39 to actually hit the street/strip

posted by  adamc44

I love the 1st gen Camaros and all and that's definatly the nicest one I've ever seen, but $850,000?!?! That seems to be at least $700,000 overpriced. Would someone enlighten me?

posted by  jedimario

Holy shit. $850,000, and the reserve not met! Jeezus! :banghead:

posted by  StiMan

That car isn't just uber rare, it's insanely restored. In that regard, it's worth as much as any V12 Ferrari was in the early '90s. (remember when the V12 cars, like the Daytona Spyder, were selling for over a million and a half? Oh, wait, none of you could remember that...). Original Ford GT40s go for that kind of coin, and there were more of them. There are only about 30 some-odd examples of the ZL-1 Camaro known to exist anymore (and you aren't going to find more than one or two for sale anywhere, and even then you have to know where they are), which puts their number at about the same as the 250 GTO, and you know how much THOSE sell for. (try 4-6 million, each IF you can find one for sale).

Hell, there are paintings that sell for more than that, and you can't do anything with them but look at them.

The people that have the money for cars like this know what they are looking at, and don't feel ripped off. And they only appreciate in value.

posted by  ChrisV

Thats because they are amazing works of art created perhaps hundreds of years ago that have deep meaning (usually) that relates to life or explains something, and is usually one of a kind. The artist toiled over the work for months, even years. You can do more with a painting in my opinion than just "look at them." Thats just like saying all you can do with a car is drive them. A car is just a car. No matter how famous, expensive, or limited-production it is. It is still a object created by man from a hunk of steel, aluminum, wood, and other things.

I think I would take the $850,000 Kent lithograph or Ansel Adams photograph over any Camaro anyday.

Sorry to piss people off about this, but I dont see any reasoning behind buying a $850,000 Camaro no matter how limited-production it is.

Thats just my opinion on this. :2cents:
Of course, maybe I just dont like old Camaros enough... :laughing:

posted by  StiMan

tight ass :laughing:

posted by  adamc44

Lol. I expect to get that and worse because of that last post, oh well. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

I think ima save around 1000$ and go to the salvage yard by my house and yank as many muscles out of there as i can. If theyre going for that now who knows what theyll be when i get finished with them. Thers a lincoln continental back there that i want.

posted by  sandlercd_22

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