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Hey guys I just blew my 10 bolt to pieces on my 72 chevelle I was expecting it to happen sooner or later I am running a 454 with 550 hp so it was obviously just a matter of time. I just picked up a 12 Bolt posi rear end 4.10 gears with a strange 33 spline spool and heavy duty strange 33 spline axles with C-Clip eliminators. the pinion gear has 10 teeth and is stamped 866 3862514 -10 -:41 gm2. the ring gear has 41 teeth and is stamped 1GM 3862526 10 41 10 66.

My problem is I have never attempted any work on a rearend and I dont even know what parts I will need to install it. I am assuming I am going to need 2 bushings 5 quarts of 80 weight gear oil but I am totally unaware of any tricks or problems I should be aware of. Is it really as easy as dropping out the old one and bolting up the new one. What about the backing plates on the brakes or any bearings I honestly have no idea but I guess you got to learn somewhere. So any advice would be appreciated once again thanks guys.


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go here

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thank you they were very helpful

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glad i could help good luck :thumbs:

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