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Ok, i really dont know much about differentials and i was wondering. My Dart normally drives with the rear right wheel, but when i do a burn out, i notice that there is a patch on the left side at times too. I havent really been able to test it much though, but does this mean that it has a limited slip diff? because i know its not posi. limited is when one tire starts to spin and then the power is transfered to the other wheel right? if so then i think this is what i have.

posted by  Vaspier

God man, if that is your Mopar on this page and you don't know the answer to your question....you get what I am saying..... :screwy:

Anyways, a "posi" rear end stands for positive traction, meaning both wheels are driven at the same time. Limited Slip is the SAME exact thing, just another name. Internally, there are typically clutch packs that lock both drive axles to the rear wheels together so that you don't have just a one-wheel-drive. So if you had a positive traction or "limited slip" rear end and you did a burnout, you would have two identical black burns on the road. If you only have one or mainly one with a little bit of two burnout marks, you have a standard rear axle that is NON posi and NON Limited slip. :clap:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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