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Hey guys I just put new strange axils in my 72 chevelle. It has a 12 bolt locked rearend for racing. One of the originals was a little twisted they said it was a common problem. When I replaced the twisted one the car drove fine fixed the original problem and all was good. But I went and replaced the other side because I ordered 2 new axils and after about 100 feel of driving the rearend locked up solid. The original axils had XX 29 stamped on them the new ones have 30 (and then I think XXY not sure they are in the car now) I was wondering if Strange sent me the wrong axils what does that 29 and 30 mean? If anyone has any info it would be really appreciated I am at a loss.

posted by  gto72

it is possible they sent you the wrong parts i think stamped numbers are the tooth count on the axles

posted by  jg0122

You know I was thinking the same thing but I figured if it had the wrong tooth count it wouldnt slide into the housing. I am truthfully at a loss my neighbor is a mechanic and he is even shaking his head been working on cars for 40 years and never seen that happen. I really am starting to think they sent me the wrong axils. WOW if they did they are getting a beating tomorrow I hope they didnt do any damage to the rest of the rear if it is the wrong parts.

Any other suggestions or info would also be greatly appreciated

posted by  gto72

that number could be the amount of splines on the axle. Its always a good idea to compare the old axle to the new

posted by  bigdaveangell

gotta ask did you fill the diff with gear oil?
a mistake that has happened to a friend in the past

posted by  osborste

Yea Diff is full everything is complete I am going to call Strange when they open hopefully they can help me out here. Thanks guys if anyone has any other info please post.

Thanks guys for trying to help

posted by  gto72

you probably want to at least pull the diff cover off and see why it's locked before you go calling strange and implying that their product locked up your rear... i'm not saying that they are perfect or shouldn't be questioned, i'm just saying that you should cover your ass... :thumbs:

ps the brakes aren't dragging, are they?

posted by  dodger65

next question you had to remove the center pin set bolt(little 5/16th bolt) did you replace it with a new one or over tighten and it broke then allowing the center pin to slide out and hit the diff housing? (locking the rearend)

posted by  osborste

WOW I couldnt be more pissed called strange they sent me the wrong axils. The sales persons exact words are "I am sorry I wrote down one number but by accident sent you the wrong one" They are longer axils and were hitting each other they are sending me the correct ones but I am really wondering if there was any serious damage to the gearing I dont want to sound like a jerk but she admited to the mistake if there is any major damage I would hope that they step up and cover it this is going to be a disaster if something is broke. Thanks guys for your help all great suggestions I cant believe that such a professional company would mess up like that but hey everyone makes a mistake I just hope they step up if something is wrong they were actually trying to tell me they couldnt take these axils back because they were installed LOLOLOL of course they were installed you sent me the wrong ones.

posted by  gto72

There's a lesson here for you as well. Match up your new parts to your old parts before you install them. This could have all been avoided if you would have checked your parts before installing them.

posted by  theman352001

I agree normally I would but they were sending me different axils the originals were only for drag racing the new ones were for street so I was expecting them to be different LOL just not the completely wrong axils.

Thanks guys

posted by  gto72

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