1980 Z28 Camaro

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I have finally got this thing running, and right in time for the annual car cruise that took place this saturday. Well, i hope you guys enjoy looking at it, and yes, I plan to do all the body work very soon. Has a 350 with aluminum intake and headers with dual exhaust. Also has a 4 speed saginaw transmission, and i love it :) spent alot of time getting this car running. Here are a few pics:


posted by  Lithium


posted by  Oomba

Looks to be in good shape. Shouldn't take much work get it finished. Keep us posted on your progress... :thumbs:

posted by  corbett_auto

Yea its in great shape considering i only payed 250 for the car. It has rust on the rear quarters, right along the rear wheels, and right in front of the rear wheels, before the door. Im planning on starting on the body in the fall, as i have a few bugs to work out. Speedometer, temp guage, power steering, just to name a few. All easy fixes, just takes a little time and some money. I cant wait to take it into school tommorow, the exhaust just rumbles! :mrgreen:

posted by  Lithium

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