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Hey guys I am running a 454 in my 72 chevelle I need to replace the radiator it keeps over heating even with the dual be cool fan set up I was just wondering I keep seeing aluminum radiators on ebay but most say small block chevy is there actually a difference or can I just fabricate a new mounting bracket and use one of those radiators?

Thanks for your help in advance guys

posted by  gto72

depends a lot on how crazy your 454 is set up... gears, etc...

posted by  dodger65

I am running around 550 hp with 410 gears so I assume I need some serious volume and flow but is there an actual difference in the radiators that say small block on them or is it just a mounting issue I dont mind fabricating a new mounting bracket just as long as the radiator will work.

Thanks again guys

posted by  gto72

most rad shops will custom make a rad 3 or 4 row = more cooling capacity

posted by  osborste

my buddy has a 305 w/ aluminum radiator and it runs about 10-15 degrees cooler.

posted by  adamc44

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