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I just purchased a 72 Mach 1. It has low miles but came from Michigan. The engine is quite oily and is a bit rough. It has a 351c in it now and I have read the forums you all have here. Quite confusing after you get past the clash of personalities. This engine runs all right for now, but I wanted to clean it up and make it shine with some chrome. What are your thoughts and recommendations?

posted by  Mach 1

Cleaning the engine bay is not hard. Get you a gallon of good purple power or similar, mix it with some water, soak the engine with it, let soak, rinse, repeat as needed....Overly simplified, but you get the idea. To help out use a putty knife or screw driver to help remove the thick build ups.

NOTE: before you waste to much money on chrome, be sure everything is in good working order. You may even want to do a complete tune-up. No one will see your pretty engine bay, if it's broke down in your drive way.

posted by  corbett_auto

let it warm up before you start spraying it with anything, the engine heat helps loosen up the grease and oil

posted by  adamc44

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