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Hi all! My name is Anthony. I have a few old cars that I need help identifying and setting a value for. Any help is appreciated.

The first is a(I think) 1967 Fiat 1000Abarth convertible.

The second I'm told is a 1969 alfa romeo 1750 gvt.

Are either of these worth anything?

They both run and have been inside for years.

Thanks in advance-Anthony

posted by  hkmp5g17

Hell I'd pay 20 grand for both :2cents:
go to

posted by  99integra

:confused: I couldn't find them at

You're kidding about them being worth $20k-right?

Kind regards-Anthony

posted by  hkmp5g17

No, I'd say that's probably close to what they are worth, particularly if they've been garage kept and are in good condition.

posted by  hondaman

Thats how much I said I would pay for it, they look like they are in excellent condition, just a little dusty :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

[I'd sell for that if you're serious. Anyone know of a good free site to sell them at? I need to clear some cars out of the building we bought.


posted by  hkmp5g17

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