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Hi, My dad Has a 1969 mustng in the garage and he thinks it would be a good idea of i could restore it or modify it. The thing is im not sure if it'll be worth it. My dad said i will have 2 bondo some spots , lightly sand the car and give it a coat of paint or 2. Im not sure about that. The left door panel is missing, the right door doesnt close soo good. Its a 351 windsor but i read u can give it the power of a clevland cleaning or doingng something 2 it. Im not quite sure if theres anything wrong with it engine wise. My Dad's friend said some ford ranger tires would look cool on it 2. How much do u think is the most i should spend on it.

posted by  Walt

A 69 Mustang is not as popular as the 65-67 Mustangs, nor the through the roof high 1 generation (67-69) Camaros. But it is gaining as the price of everything else is getting beyond the reach of many. If all it needs is what you mentioned plus a few other things, I'd say go for it...Better yet, go through it mechanically and drive it around before you paint it up. That way you have a chance to work out all the bugs, without messing up the new paint job in the process....

posted by  corbett_auto

I also say restore it for the above mentioned reasons.

posted by  theman352001

No, it's not worth it. As the past owner of 3 '70 fastbacks, I know. In fact, it would probably be financially best for you if you just had him give it to me so it doesn't fill your driveway with rust...


posted by  ChrisV

wwll if u give me a number my dad could call yuu and sell it 2 u .....
oh yeah and it needs motor mounts.

posted by  Walt

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