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I need some help to find out from what car this emblem comes from.

posted by  emk2

how do u no it is a car emblem

posted by  minibuff

i dont think that came from a car

posted by  glagon1979

Mabey it's not a car embleme :doh:

But in a contest I recently took part in, One of the questions was.

What car is this and how many was manufactured. And the picture was shown.

posted by  emk2

do you have a link to the contest?

posted by  dodger65

i cant figure it out mate, ive been searching for it for ages

posted by  minibuff :smoke:

posted by  wonderstud1000

48 cars before bankruptcy in '99 :smoke:

posted by  wonderstud1000

I guess it's going to be the new Tiger from sunbeam :smoke:

posted by  wonderstud1000

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