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I got a 65 T-Bird for my 16th birthday. I finially pulled it out of the weeds now 2 years later.

I thought it through carefully, and I have come to the conclusion that hot rodding the Bird is the way to go.

I want to know, if anybody, knows, or has heard of a '65 T-bird with a manual transmission. If not, would someone know if a mustang tranny bolt up to the 390 bell housing? and will the clutch assembly actuially bolt up in place of the torque converter?

posted by  Stugots

oh, I forgot to specify, the donor transmission would be from one of my uncles many 67 mustangs

posted by  Stugots

swapping from a auto to a manual has many more considerations other than what transmission will fit....you will also have to mount a clutch pedal and linkage, along with a host of other problems. Unless you have lots of tools and mechanical knowledge or deep pockets, I'd recomend sticking with the auto for now. Drive the car and have fun with it...lots of hot rods runs auto trans....

posted by  corbett_auto

I do have quite the ammount of tools, I am a 3rd year mechanic apprentice, and have a family history of hot rodding and automotive background, so knoledge is abundant. I also have experience switching mustangs from Auto to stick. However, I have always done it on cars that I KNEW came with a standard tranny option.

My biggest issue is will it bolt up. Money isnt abunmdant, however, I do have a nicely sized budget, I just dont really feel like shelling out for a tranny that I cant use :S

Thanks for the input though, happy hot rodding :D

posted by  Stugots

Pics Pics We Need Pics!!!

posted by  Spencer

I'd love to see pic's!!!! :smoke:

posted by  wonderstud1000

I third the Pic vote.

posted by  elchango36

Where are the pics? We can't wait much longer...gentlemen, get your pitchforks :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

For someone with an abundance of knowledge at hand, it seems something pretty basic is missing...

The 390 is part of the FE engine family that includes the 390, 427, and 428. ANY transmission in ANY vehicle with those engines will bolt up to that engine, which includes the top loader 4 speed from the Mustang, Cobra, Torino, Cougar, Cyclone, Fairlane, etc. You need the manual flywheel bolted to the engine in place of the flexplate, you need the bellhousing for that trans, and a way of installing a clutch pedal (I would suggest looking for a manual trans Fairlane or Torino and modding the pedal assembly). i woudl also look into adapting a later hydraulic clutch setup rather than trying to fabricate the correct cable, but even teh cable could be done if you get the entire assembly for any of the previously mentioned cars.

You will need to fabricate the trans mount, and have a new drivesahft made as it will be a different length, but most o fthe parts of the swap can be factory parts...

It's a lot of effort to go through for not a lot of gain other than the uniqueness factor.

posted by  ChrisV

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