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i have a 1982 oldsmobile cutlass, v6 2 barrel, pretty much all stock, i just got it from my dad and it seems to be having carberater problems, this morning it was raining and i hopped right in my car and i didnt let it warm up i just drove off, i drove about 25 miles per hour for a few minutes then i went up a small hil and it completely died on me, the power brakes went out and steering, then it started right up again, did this problem happen because i didnt let my car warm up first if anyone can help me i would appreciate it and i will post back if it worked or not thank you very much

posted by  woodgrain1982

yo what up ive already had two cutlass's since i got my license an 86 2 door 307 v8 i sold that one now i got a 81' 267 v8 cutlass 2 door i never herd of lettin them warm up i just hop in it and drive but u might of needed to do a whole tune up on it since the car is relly old or u might need to set the idle because my 307 cutlass used to stall out every time i'd stop it at a stop sign just try settin the idle and see what happens it should help it

posted by  torinoman80

I used to have an '83 Delta 88 with the 307 Y block and rochester 4-bbl carb...that bear burned more oil than gas, and you had to adjust the carb at least twice a week. Drop in a mild 350 rocket motor with a nice holley carb.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Possibly you experienced carburator icing, where the air being drawn into the engine was cold enough that the moisture in the air condensed on the carb venturi abd caused ice. It can happen in relatively warm weather for the same reason that an air conditioner can cause ice to form. The fact that it happened at low speed as you went up a hill (under load with a lot of rapid airflow cooling the incoming air) is a classic symptom of icing.

Letting the engine warm up first can cure it, as most cars of that era had a heater tube that went from the exhaust manifold shield up to the air cleaner to warm up the air enough to keep it from happening. If yours is missing, that can contribute to the problem.

posted by  ChrisV

Believe it or not, I had a similar problem with my 76 Monte Carlo. I installed a 14-inch chrome air cleaner assembly and didn't use the "stove pipe" for the heat-choke equipped 2-barrel Rochester carb. Whenever I "stomped" it, the car would severely hesitate, sputter and then "come alive." Sometimes it would cause a back fire.

I don't have that problem anymore because I dropped in a 350 crate engine and installed a Holley carb w/ an electric choke.

posted by  76MonteMan

I have an 83 Olds delta 88 and I put a custom chrome air cleaner on it which may contribute to my issues, but how do you adjust the carb, people tell me it has to come off of the engine. It's running a little weak especially starting out.

posted by  soojian

make a new post when you have a problem, foo.

posted by  Spade

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