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Hey all,
New to the forum here and had a few questions maybe you can help with. I live in wetern new york state and am anxious to begin a restoration project with a partner of mine but we are having some difficulty locating a vehicle. I can understand why new york is not the best place to be searching so I was wondering if anyone knew where I should be lookin. I am willing to travel to states close by but obviously travel is somewhat of a factor (gas has come down but not enough where I live).

To give you an idea of what I am looking for, I am interested in 65-67 chevy nova, 65-67 pontiac gto, or 66 dodge coronet but those are an ideal situation. Since this car will really be my first restoration I will consider anything that's gonna be pretty cheap and easy and give me plenty of learning experience.

So, where should I go from here?

posted by  Luther88

Have you looked on e-bay?

posted by  theman352001

posted by  vwhobo

Check out Pennsylvania. An amazing amount of cheaper, relatively rust free cars there.

Here's a '68 DOdge Coronet R/T Convertible in PA for $3k as a project car:

You could make a cool car from this '68 Galaxie fastback for $250...

Seriously, you're on the wrong side of the nation for cheap older project cars. Montana, Washington, and Oregon are the locations to go. But the cost of bringing them back east is often prohibitive.

posted by  ChrisV

posted by  stuffusbus click on a city near you, then click on cars+trucks under the for sale section.

posted by  stuffusbus

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