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Im getting my first car and my dad and I are going to rebuild the hole car so I can have some mager horsepower(small block 350) to were I still drive it on the street and race it. Now the questain I cannot choose between a 70 camaro and a 67 chevelle.

posted by  archangle

I'd "chooes" the '67...and stay in school! :banghead: :doh: :banghead:

posted by  BavarianWheels

I'm going to give you some advice. Advice that kids hate to hear.

Do NOT drive a powerful car as your first car unless you've already been racing for years in go karts or junior dragsters. Serious. No matter what you "feel" right now, you do NOT have the skill and matureity to handle "major horsepower."

restore a car like that with your dad for sure, so you have respect for it, and have invested enough sweat equity in it to not take it for granted, but have that as a secondary car. Get a cheap ass beater to start with and get yourself comfortable on the road with making judgements on cornering and stopping. And preferrably, go find a local SCCA chartered club and take autocross instruction. This will give you more car control skills in one weekend (for under $50) than most people get in a lifetime.

I did this with a free Pinto when I was 16. Taught me enough that I bought a '71 Torino GT with a 429 SCJ when I was 17, which I then took to the track.

Trust me, you'll be much better off this way (and maybe even will remain alive.)

posted by  ChrisV

thanx for your help

posted by  archangle

67 Chevelle, a no brainer for me.

Chrisv just gave you some of the best advice your ever going to get. Just wish I had done that with my kids. Cost me major, major $$$$ and many sleepless nights.

posted by  lectroid

Chris is right, you dont need a powerfull car as your first set of wheels because most young nippers get straight in their first car and drive it like a pleb..I'm not saying you'd be like that but IMO, give a young driver a fast, Powerfull RWD car and it's asking for trouble. :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

agreed...thats why my dad gave me a Neon instead of his Mustang. his saying is "speed can bite you in the ass if you dont know what you are doing." that is unbelievably true.

:thumbs: ChrisV

posted by  SuperJew

maybe you guys are right about the speed. of the car but what car should I get.?

posted by  archangle

something not too powerful...maybe like a small SUV (CR-V-esque) or a used sedan, like an accord. something that will get you from point A to point B. period.

posted by  SuperJew

Why would you recommend something like a CR-V?

posted by  snoopewite

My suggestion to get for a beater car is something cheap in your area that has at least a tiny bit of aftermarket for it. Hate to say it, but older Civics are good choices (something like a mid '80s Si). Reliable and usefull to take to the track if you want. Older Corollas are good, as are older Neons and Cavaliers (a Neon ACR or Sport, or Cavalier Z24 from the early '90s will get you around, and teach you the basics of car control). then go looking for that Camaro or Chevelle.

http://www.redshiftmotorsports.com/photogallery/RedShiftCivicTopeka2002cs.J PG


posted by  ChrisV

You should get a 1989 Geo Spectrum all the way :hi: Thats what I got for my 1st car 70hp baby :laughing:

posted by  Car Guy

well...because it has the utility of an SUV, it'll last forever, is gas-concious, and is not fast enough to get the driver into any serious trouble like a Camaro or Corvette.

posted by  SuperJew

We don’t know archangel's budget or if he would need an SUV. It does however give him good visibility and other road users can see the learner coming... but then again, I find visibility in an SUV not as good as a car when it comes to parking.

archangel, I can suggest that you consider a 96-99 Honda Civic 1.5 (113bhp) for the same reasons that SuperJew's given, excluding the SUV part. A 2001 or newer 1.6-2.0 16v Ford Focus could also be considered.

What do you think about the suggestions since ChrisV's first post in this thread... apart from what Car Guy said :tomato:

posted by  snoopewite

HEY!!!!.........You have to admit though a 1989 Geo Spectrum is a perfect 1st car for a new driver. it only had a 1.5L 4cyl 70hp So theres not enough power go to fast it's top speed is about 80 and thats if your lucky. It is a 4 door sedan so he can still take friends around. It is easy to put in new parts such as a stearo system for if he wanted better sound. And most of all it is very relable (sp) mine had 175,000 miles on it and it has only broken down once when the timing belt broke.

posted by  Car Guy

That's not a bad post for you Car Guy :clap:

I'll try to save my :tomato: smilies from now on for the new village idiot - BAVARIANM5W:tard:RKS :thumbs:

posted by  snoopewite

I have to agree here too. I consider myself a young veteran of the muscle cars at only 22 because I have been driving them for enough years and enough miles to handle them. I started slow though. . . real slow with a 90' F150 w/ a straight 6. Then went to a 78 Nova 4-door with a 305 that I gradually modified and then threw into a 74 Nova 2 door and continued to modify the driving. Once I was ready my father got me a 72 Cutlass 442 and although I don't ever drive the speed limit I am still considered by all who know me as a good driver because my education came slow and steady. As far as the restore option, find both of those cars at maybe a car show or for sale and just sit in them (ask first at the car show!!!!!!!!) and see which one feels right. Think of it as trying to drive on an 8 hour road trip with 2 friends and a dog. They are both going to be powerful and both pimptastic but I personally would go with the Chevelle. Good luck and welcome to the club. :thumbs:

posted by  72Cutlass442

It's suggested you start out with a low power vehicle, but if you REALLY wanna get something powerful it's really up to you (or your parents). First car I ever really drove was my brothers hopped up 78 camaro, which actually beat the crap outta a 67 chevelle that he raced. then I did some learning on a '89 318 dodge ram, and then I spent most my time with my dads 5cyl Audi. My first car is a '69 dart with a 318 though. It's not exactly a beginners car, but it's what I wanted and I know that i can handle the power. I suggest learning on a lower HP engine though, my dad's Audi was such an awsome car to really learn on.

posted by  Vaspier

archangel, I asked you a question.

posted by  snoopewite

that sounds good how much do they go for

posted by  archangle

they all sound good

posted by  archangle

No SUVs. but also, it's a 1996-2000 civic and they all have 1.6 liter engines with the EX models haveing 127 hp. SI engines have 160 hp. good suggestion though (that's my 2nd car, crashed the first, Nissan maxima 3.5 liter FWD, still too quick for my dumbass to handle)

posted by  mischa

Also consider how much insurance is going to be. A hot rod muscle car is not going to be cheap and it's for a reason. In high school I had a 77 Ford with a 400ci engine in it. Of course I hoit rodded it up a little to increase HP. I would drive up and down gravel roads at 90+ MPH not even thinking about it. The car would start fishtailing it I punched it as it had pleanty of power for more. One day I was doing this on a gravel road that was pretty much falt with the rest of the surrounding area...no ditch on either side. As I was fishtailing I lost control and out into a field I went. If I would have been on a normal road I'm 100% positive that I would have rolled it and gotten hurt if not worse. I was lucky, very lucky. That toned down my hot rodding. I was also in a motorcycle accident with an 87 Kawasaki Ninja, back when the rockets were really starting to get popular. The accelerator stuck wide open and I wrecked and hit another car. I broke my arm and wrist plus had road rash. I had a headache for weeks because I wasn't wearing a helmet. Again I was very damn lucky I didn't kill myself on the thing. Looking back it was the best thing that could have happened to me as I learned to have the very most respect for motorcycles and cars and treat them with the respect they deserve because they can very easily kill someone. Also one night after work I was walking home about 1.5 years ago. A car blew through a stop sign and hit me. I rolled over the hood and fender because I had just a split second to brace for impact. I thought the guy was drunk as he stopped for a second then took off. The ploice found him later that night. He was not drunk, just a 16 year old kid. He was trying to apex the corner and was doing around 40 MPH in a 20 MPH residental zone. I was lucky he didn't kill me. When I was younger I thought it was total BS that teens are charged so much for insurance but now being a parent with two kids and looking at it there is a reason for it. I would now agree that giving a teen a hot rod with tons of HP is a bad idea. Not all kids would abuse it but most would. Even if they only did it that one time, that would probably be the time something would happen. I'd suggest keep the engine mild for now. After high school you can get wild with the enigne. By then you will be more mature and have more driving experience.

posted by  Bill in SD

Also if you are considering the insurance, taking a driving class like ChrisV :clap: said would lower your insurance greatly.... and if you keep a good A or B grade average!! You definatly don't need the speed.. I know several people who got a fast car for their first car and either killed someone else, died, or totaled their cars!! Just be smart with your choice!! :laughing:

posted by  TigerLeigh

Why not buying an used Mercedes Diesel (or an other small engined luxury car), you have luxury! The only problem would be the RWD, but with a Diesel... :smoke:

posted by  lutz

arch angle,

Might I suggest a Chevy Chevette. :2cents: It's rear wheel drive, cheap to insure, good on gas (or diesel if you can find a diesel chevette) and can built up in the future with a v6 or v8 implant :thumbs: If you look around, you can probably score a solid chevette for a resonable price in your area. The common place to look for rust in the front floorboards. If you look at an 84-87 chevette they have a nice style. The front has an airdam from the factory. The car has a common bolt pattern for aftermarket wheels to fit.

Another bonus is the parts to keep it on the road definitely won't cost you as much as a Honda. :mrgreen:

posted by  comet-63

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