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67 cuda, just pulled the engine these are the following numbers on the left hand side of the engine block 2536030 318.5 i'm trying to find out what car this engine came out of, and any other relevant information.

posted by  carlos

Casting number 2536030 is a 67-75 318, LA block. The number 318.5 should indicate it was produced on March, 18, 1975. Anything beyond that (year, make, model) is gonna be tough to trace.

posted by  vwhobo

thanks alot hobo

posted by  carlos

You see, that is why the hobo is that man.... just random helpful shit like that. Glad you are back you disgruntled VW nut...

posted by  Voda48

actually, that casting # seems closer to a 440 casting (2536430)... my book lists 318's '67-74 as casting # 2466090, but books have been known to be wrong...

is the dist in the front or the back?

what are the head casting #'s?

supposedly, there is a vin pad along the pass side oil pan rail, at about the midpoint of the engine... is there on yours? if so, what are the #'s?

intake casting #?

all these things can be used to narrow down at least the year of the motor, if not the model that it came in... pics help, too... :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

No, he's right. '67-'75 318 LA block. The thing that is incorrect here is the "date." It should not say 2536430 318.5 (huh?) but it should say 2536030-318. The 318 is part of the casting number. The date I believe is on the other side of the block.

Dates look like this:
http://www.yearone.com/updatedsinglepages/Id_info/mopar/mopar%20casting%20n umbers/images/tech1.jpg

Casting number:
http://www.yearone.com/updatedsinglepages/Id_info/mopar/mopar%20casting%20n umbers/images/tech3.jpg

posted by  67Coronet383

Thanks for the correction, I misinterpreted the 318.5. You are correct in saying the manufacture date is on the other side of the block. That being said, this morning I was also looking at a 318 with a casting number of 4006730. Couldn't find out exactly what is because Galen Govier's book only goes up to the mid '70's, and that's what most web sites base their info on. With some searching I stumbled across this (http://autohobbydigest.com/tables.php) site which contains an amazing amount of info, including what I was looking for. It even has a search function for casting numbers. Take a look, it contains LOTS of info.

posted by  vwhobo

well, i'll be dipped.... that website doesn't even list the casting # in my book... wtf? is everything in the damn book wrong?!?!?! :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  dodger65

2536430? Yes, it does, as a 1966-1972 440 block.

posted by  67Coronet383

no, i'm talking about the # for the 318, 2466090...

posted by  dodger65

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