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I have a 1971 mach 1 fastback with a 351 clevland 4V and i would like some ideas on how to boost up a lot. I mean A LOT becuase i have a race with a 1973 charger 400 4v

posted by  AlonsoM1

Yeah you do. Alot of 12 year olds (note your syntax) have '71 Mustangs. You should put this in either the Hot Wheels or video game section. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

as much as i hate to say it... if the charger's stock, you should be able to take it...

posted by  dodger65

Hi, Well not a ford lover ,but if it was me I would change to rear end gear an give it a try , look into 411 or 456 gears , don't think that 351 could stand much more than that.And thats if you are looking at just a 1/4 mile. good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

It depends on the options on the Mach 1, assuming you actually have a REAL '71 Mach 1...in '71 Ford offered different "drag-paks". What you got was a different gear ratio basically. I've seen anywhere from 3.54-4.11 factory. Run the VIN to see what options it has. A 4v Cleveland has more breathing abilities than you'll most likely ever need.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I agree with everyone except the bettle bug dude lol, if u change the orig. gear ratio to 4 11s or maybe 4 56s u should clobber the 73 charger as long as the charger it pretty well stock. If u have an origional 1971 351c 4v you will do just fine. 4 11s really helped me (of course) but you will not prob. want to run over 100 mph. :thumbs:

posted by  Youngstang

And to expand on this thought, if you've already opened your mouth and agreed to a race without knowing what the cars are capable of OR what it takes to make a car fast (i.e. looking for a quick fix) then you don't know enough to be able to use or capitalize on any advice anyone knowledgeable has to offer.

So the question is, what does the video game you're playing allow you to do to the car?

posted by  ChrisV

Well...They have a 1967 Mustang on Forza Motorsport, and I think the best you can do is swap the engine :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

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