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1968 Impala Custom . 2Dr, htp, 307, 2spd powerglide, needs seat covers and rug, body and mechanics good. 61,000 miles, this car would make a killer show or muscle car, easy restore or daily driver. 210 H.P. stock, comes with mechanical gauges, fog lights, car cover, extra interior lights, original service manuals, these manuals allow you to find, rebuild, or repair every nut and bolt on this car, also includes mag wheels, timing light and tach.
Price - Inquire

posted by  scaramouch

I'm selling bread! Want to trade?

posted by  67Coronet383

No trades available.Use some of that bread or pies or ham hocks or whatever you use for currency down there and buy a frame for that can{car}of sardines.Ouch!

posted by  scaramouch

Am i dumb or are there Tempo caps on them rims?

posted by  sandlercd_22

those are caps,also includes mag wheels.

posted by  scaramouch

i know.

posted by  Louhuayong

those aren't tempo caps, they're wal-mart specials for those that can't even afford chevy rally wheels....

btw, i just took a dump, you sure you don't want to trade????? even swap, you won't owe me anything...

posted by  dodger65

More mensa sightings,too bad dentistry and booklearning got banned out there yall.

posted by  scaramouch

you too, huh? yep, we're fresh out of "booklearning" out this way :spits terbacky into dirt: so how have you been since punctuation and grammar been outlawed 'round your those there parts? :spits more terbacky juice, some dribbles down chin:

posted by  dodger65

give your girlfriend er,sister a kiss for me.

posted by  scaramouch

so which one do you want me to kiss? though they're the same person where you're from, we tend to seperate the two 'round here...

this is so dumb, post again after you've fired that dusty old brain up and have come up with something good.... this is just reheated bullshit...

posted by  dodger65

when that last tooth falls out of your grille,then you can get a nice job downtown.

posted by  scaramouch


Wow you definitely are witty aren't you? Guess what arguing on the internet is like winning a race in the special olympics, even if you win your still retarded, so use what little amount of intelligence you have and shut your stupid ass up. :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

you win

posted by  scaramouch

I am actually interested in this car. I know it's weird to ask about the car but I have a 327 completely rebuilt, and the right wheels. What are you asking for it.

posted by  USAFEOD

you may not get an answer, as he was banned a while back...

posted by  dodger65

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