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Hi, anyone know what a 1972 4 door cutlass may be worth? I have one to sell, & I need to sell quick. It has 121000 miles, but a lot of the things under the hood have been replaced. It runs good & the body & interior are in fairly good shape as far as rust or dents, the paint job sucks though. the interior seats are in good shape too. I tried selling it on ebay, & the guy that won it is a non paying buyer, he never contacted me,& its so expensive to sell a vehicle on ebay, I dont know
that I want to relist there, but I dont really know the best place to sell it. Its my teenage sons car,or was, but he was getting in too much trouble with it illegal drag racing] so I'm selling it!

posted by  themysticstone

It really depends on the engine...if it's a straight six it's basically worthless...if someone dropped in a hot 455 you may be able to get about a $1000 for it...4-door muscle cars really aren't desirable(unfortunately for you). If the body and interior were in very good condition with a half decent paint job, you could probably get noticably more assuming it runs very well.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

It has a v8 350 rocket, is that good?

posted by  themysticstone

That is one of oldsmobiles shining stars. Unfortunately, it's still not worth much due to the fact that it's a four door car. Don't sell the car too cheap though, it's still valuable to the right person. The majority of people that will look at it, won't know much about it and won't want to pay more than a mortgage payment to get it.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I'm looking to get another project going next summer. If you happen to still have it then, drop me an email.


posted by  PontiacFan27

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